Introducing the Ultimate Real Estate Power Package: Elevate Your Listings with Unparalleled Online Dominance!

Success in Six Dimensions:

The Six-Step Path to Real Estate Marketing Excellence


Don't settle for ordinary. Elevate your real estate business with the Ultimate Real Estate Power Package. From online dominance and immersive 3D tours to ANSI-compliant accurate floor plans and video engagement, our product is the key to standing out in today's competitive market. Embrace the future of real estate marketing and secure your success today!

Welcome to V6D, your ultimate destination for online dominance in the real estate and business world. Our innovative services will help you take your online presence to new heights and stay ahead of the competition.

Success in Six Dimensions

The Six-Step Path to Real Estate Marketing Excellence

Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? In a digital age where online presence is paramount, standing out from the competition is crucial. That's why we present to you a game-changing product that combines the best of technology, media, and adherence to ANSI standards to give your listings the edge they deserve.

Online Dominance

Master SEO and social media to amplify your digital presence. Our SEO-optimized listing websites, equipped with easy-to-share URLs, help you rank higher on search engines, attract more clients, and establish a formidable brand. In this module, learn how to optimize your webpages, create engaging campaigns, and differentiate yourself in the competitive real estate market.

Immersive 3D Tours

Harness the power of immersive, interactive 3D tours. With our advanced 3D cameras, we capture both the interior and exterior of properties, creating comprehensive 3D models that present a holistic view of the interiors, exteriors, and surrounding land. This module will teach you how to leverage these virtual walkthroughs to engage potential buyers and set your listings apart from the competition.

Accurate Floor Plans

Precision and reliability are crucial in the real estate industry. Understand how to make use of our ANSI-compliant floor plans, drawn up from over 500 million LiDAR measurements, to provide accurate property information. This module underscores the importance of precision in instilling buyer confidence, facilitating virtual showings, and showcasing your professionalism.

Video Engagement

Maximize engagement with captivating video content. This module will guide you on utilizing our high-quality property videos, featuring drone exterior footage and immersive interior panning. Stir emotions and drive success by encapsulating the essence of the property in visually stunning and engaging formats.

Legacy Media Power

Discover how to enrich your listings with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and drone imagery. This module focuses on making full use of our HDR photography, blue sky guarantee, and twilight cover shots to present vibrant visuals and unique perspectives. Learn to create captivating content that makes your listings stand out.

Listing Presentation

Become proficient at crafting compelling presentations using our agent profile listing page. Learn how to confidently handle objections and close deals more effectively. This module will teach you how to leverage our easy access to digital assets and boost your professional image, impressing clients and securing more listings.


Condo up to 1200 sqft

2 hours | $349.00

1200 to 3000 sqft complete Package

2 hours 30 min | $399.00

3000 to 5000 sqft Complete Package

3 hours | $499.00

5000 to 8000 sqft Complete Package‚Äč

4 hours | $599.00

8000 to 10,000 sqft Complete Package

5 hours | $799.00

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