RE/MAX Advanced, Inc.

Location: 1018 Centre Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA
Phone: (970) 221-5995

RE/MAX Advanced, Inc. is a locally owned, well-established company that is home to many of the area’s best Realtors. In 1989, RE/MAX Advanced was incorporated in Fort Collins and opened its doors with two associates. Currently, RE/MAX Advanced has nearly 40 Realtors, averaging over thirteen years of experience, and our full-time staff is four strong. Our company is part of an international network, technologically proficient and very much on the forefront of today’s real estate market; however, we are small enough to provide personalized service. Around the globe and in Northern Colorado, RE/MAX Advanced means real estate success when it’s time for you to buy or sell.

Our Top 6 Values:

  1. Integrity – We are an honest, ethical, hard-working team that always operates in the best interest of our clients. We always strive to provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding our properties and the market.
  2. Community – We at RE/MAX Advanced are deeply committed to the communities we live and work in. Our agents and staff are involved in many, diverse community projects. Together we work to build and maintain healthy, vibrant communities. For more information on some of the organizations we support, click here!
  3. Expertise – Our team is knowledgeable on the issues that clients frequently encounter. We have the skills and experience to enable you to clearly identify the best course of action for your personal portfolio or your company.
  4. Professionalism – RE/MAX stands for “Real Estate Maximums.” Our Realtors are committed to providing outstanding real estate service and satisfaction to their clients. We are dedicated professionals, which means that each transaction is handled in a careful, business-like manner with the highest level of integrity and attention to detail.
  5. Commitment – We believe in always delivering superior service for you. Our agents are devoted to providing personalized service and careful consideration to clients’ needs. Our commitment extends to our communities, including the environment. As a ClimateWise partner, our office strives to incorporate environmentally friendly business practices. In fact, the Fort Collins Board of Realtors recognized us as the 2012 Green Realtor® Office of the Year!
  6. Passion – We are eager and determined to help our clients and our communities. As it is often said, the purchase or sale of your home is the most important financial decision you’ll make in your entire life – we want to help you through that process.