River Spruce Cabins

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We would like to introduce ourselves. Our names are Wendye Sykes and Shelley Powers and we have owned River Spruce since February 2007. We come from San Francisco where we were both heavily immersed in the daily grind of hour commutes, corporate stress, and the never ending question at nine o’clock at night…what to make for dinner so we can get up and do it all again tomorrow. We get asked a lot what made us want to make the change? Need we say more?

Wendye is a psychotherapist by training and Shelley has worked in the medical field her entire career. We have two wonderful dogs that were home alone all day except for when the dog walker came to take them on a play date, and we had two wonderful mothers living an hour away that we were hard pressed to fit in a visit each weekend. We were continually telling ourselves there had to be more to life….and there is….

While searching for a multi-unit building to purchase so we could all move closer, we found ourselves in Boulder, CO. We quickly became discouraged at the idea of moving to Boulder just to repeat the same rat-race lifestyle so we decided to just abandon the search and enjoy ourselves for the rest of our vacation week. We found ourselves at a wonderful little cabin resort outside Dillon, CO. Before we left to fly back to San Francisco, we were talking with the innkeeper that informed us that the place was for sale. And so the idea was born. We think we found the best property in all of Estes Park…we’d love the opportunity to share it with you.