Paul Stennett

Mobile: (407) 844-8622
Location: 3458 Arnel Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792, USA
Phone: (407) 844-8622

Prior to real estate Paul Stennett was an educator who really believes in the foundation and future of students. Due to unforeseen circumstances with his mother-in- law, he was forced to find a profession that allowed him more flexibility in providing adequate care for her. Real estate was introduced to Paul as a way to work around his obligations which proved beneficial and exactly what he desired to maintain his family obligation and promise.

Mr. Paul Stennett is now a 11 year real estate veteran that started his real estate career in 2008 with a local Century 21 office before making a move to Janice Zeisig’s office.

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The experience with these entities created a beneficial experience and shaped his career. The passion he has developed stems from his realization that helping clients created a positive and long lasting effect on their lives, similar to that of education.