Byron Becerril

Mobile: (970) 689-1248
Office: (970) 689-1248
Location: 201 E 4th St #41, Loveland, CO 80537, USA
Phone: (888) 440-2724

My adventure:

If you could move anywhere where would you go?  

This was reality for my family as we redesigned our life by resigning from our jobs and focusing on our MIND, BODY and SOUL.  Excited and scared of the unknown, we transplanted our family to Fort Collins on the belief that we could improve quality of life by focusing our efforts on emotional, physical and growth opportunities.  Emotionally – we knew quality family time was key and the hustle and bustle of our California lifestyle took much of that away.  Physically – we knew our best times are made camping or enjoying the outdoors.  We now have these options right in our backyard.  Growth opportunities –  We value locally-owned and craft it your own.  We believe in spend it here, keep it here, TOGETHER we thrive. This is very Northern Colorado culture and proud to be a part of it.  Now in full transformation mode and rebuilding brick by brick, I am beyond grateful to call Fort Collins home!  It hasn’t come without its challenges, but our discipline and forward thinking keeps us on path.  If we can do it, so can you.

You might be thinking HOW?

Have you ever heard of ‘dig your well before you’re thirsty’?  Well, ours was Real Estate and we have been blessed to have parents who’ve taught us it’s the best savings account.  With it, we were able to buy time.  Time brought opportunity and opportunities turned into passion and happiness in what we enjoy doing every day.

Why choose me?

My mission is to add value and give back to our community, inspire, support, train and help guide calculated decisions that build confidence.  What you will notice is attention and focus to detail that streamlines the buy/sell process, providing convenience, reduce stress and predictable results based on data.  I value relationships built on integrity and trust and give my continued promise on professionalism, to ensure you receive the extraordinary service you expect and deserve.  Watching you move forward to summit your mountain will give me a tremendous amount of gratitude and inspiration.

Professional Background:

Prior to my Real Estate career, for seven years I traveled in and out of Fort Collins as Demand Planner for New Belgium Brewing.  I was given this opportunity through Reyes Beverage Group which I was responsible for the supply chain for Sierra Nevada Brewing and New Belgium Brewing from coast to coast.  Before my time in Procurement, my career was in Banking since high school and through college.  I worked my way up from teller to new accounts, business lending, mortgage, and private banking.  I have been thoroughly trained on minimizing risk, negotiating, customer care, balancing and forecasting the future my entire professional career. Control the controllables.

Final Word:

Live by heart and grit.  Fear kills more dreams than failures.   Same as if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.  I’m available full time and local in Fort Collins, I’m confident I can get it done and do a very good job at it.  I look forward to the opportunity to start doing for you.