Brent Jones

Mobile: (720) 732-1525
Location: 200 Columbine St ste 500, Denver, CO 80206, USA
Phone: (303) 536-1786

I’ve been told that happiness in life can be directly related to whether or not you are doing what you love in life. By combining my love of people, art, architecture, and finance into a real estate career has been a winning combination for happiness and a lot of success. Working hard at getting my seller’s the highest price possible with the least amount of drama is my ultimate goal.  The same applies to buyer’s – adapt with the buyers as their learning curve changes and being able to pivot to different neighborhoods and price ranges can be vitally important.

Growing up in Kansas City, Kansas and Lincoln, Nebraska my family lived in 3 different Mid-Century Modern homes based on Eichler architectural styles.  I am currently living in my 3rd Midcentury modern home in Metro Denver area. Lots of remodeling activity will be taking place this summer with a new kitchen and baths.

Many changes in the real estate market have happened during my 18 years in the business.  Each change resulting in additional learning and adaptation.  My background as a Big 8 Certified Public Accountant as given me great strengths in understanding all the moving parts of the real estate transactions.